SIR Golf Club Area 2 Branch 146

About Us

Sons in Retirement (SIR) is a non-profit public benefit corporation for retired men. SIR assists its members in renewing old friendships and establishing new ones through SIR activities. Having fun is our goal. There are SIR branches from Bakersfield to the Oregon border and from Lake Tahoe to the Pacific Ocean. Branch 146 located in Walnut Creek is one of the many SIR branches in northern California.

The SIR Branch 146 Golf Club is one of many activities sponsored by SIR Branch 146. This activity is open to all branch members and their guests. Golfers of all skill levels are invited to participate. The Golf Club is administered by a volunteer committee which schedules the various golfing opportunities offered throughout the year. Those opportunities include weekly competitions at Boundary Oak Golf Course, our home course in Walnut Creek, outings to other area golf course, and participation in Area and State SIR tournaments.


As a member of SIR Branch 146 Golf Club, you'll enjoy organized weekly golf competitions, opportunities to participate in inter-branch, Area and State SIR golf tournaments and outings, and with your club membership obtain a recognized golf handicap. The cost of belonging to our Golf Club is $80.00 per year which covers NCGA membership (see below for NCGA benefits), member's lunches at selected golf events, and club administrative expenses. Golfers who wish to join the "Prize Fund" pay an additional $36.00 per year - a total of $116.00. The prize fund is used to pay cash awards to the winners of weekly stroke play competitions and to the golfer who is closest to the pin on each par 3 hole. By joining SIR Branch 146 Golf Club, you'll get all these benefits plus the comradery of others who share your love of the game of golf.