SIR Golf Club Area 2 Branch 146

On September 17th, the Committee will host a two man better ball tournament. The competition will have two flights - one composed of "A" and "B" golfers and the other composed of "C" and "D" players. The Committee will pair golfers in each flight to equalize the total handicaps for all teams in the flight. There is a $3.00 tournament prize fund buy-in. Cash prizes will be awarded to the teams with the lowest net scores. 

The next "Away" golf on October 8th will be the final "Away" golf event of 2019. It will be held at the Chardonnay Golf Club. Cost for that event will be $48. Contact Ed Marlovits or Joe Fuchs for additional information or to sign-up.

Mark October 22nd on your calendars for a Club Scramble Tournament, lunch, and General Meeting. There will be an 8:00 am shotgun start. There will be no buy-in to participate and no prizes will be awarded for the tournament. Lunch will be served immediately after the conclusion of the tournament. The General Meeting will cover items of interest to the membership such as the amount of the 2020 annual dues. Following Committee presentations, the meeting will be open for questions from the membership. 

The Sir 146 Golf Club Committee adopted Local Rule E-5 which provides at alternative procedure for stroke and distance relief for a lost ball or a ball hit out of bounds. For a two stroke penalty, a golfer may drop a ball in a relief area which is defined, in part, by a point on nearest fairway plus two club lengths instead of returning to the spot where the previous stroke was made. The Summer 2019 edition of the NCGA Golf magazine includes an article (page 68) on this new rule. If you are confused by this rule, you should read this article written by the NCGA's Director of Rules and Competition. It may answer your questions.

Aeration Alert. Boundary Oak will be aerating the greens in October and may aerate some fairways as well. Aeration holes do not fall within the meaning of holes made by the maintenance staff. Therefore players may not repair them on the putting green or take free relief from them in the general area. However, any aeration plugs are considered to be loose impediments and may be moved in accordance with Rule 15.1.

-Updated 9/13/19